Identity Design.

Identity Design

Full identity design. I can be hired to build an identity from scratch even when based on very specific wishes. Responsible for logo, style, execution, promotional material, web.

Web Design

Sometimes there is already part of an existing identity that needs to be complemented, often on the web. Projects that require me to make great webpages for existing brands and companies.

Standalone Design

Full graphic design, for standalone purposes. Used from public services screens to learning material and anything in between. Including screencasts, presentations, internal and external communications.

Multimedia Design

Multimedia design. Design of animation, backwalls, presentation templates, presence at events. Design in physical spaces acquired by use of digital media.


Standalone illustrations as graphical solutions to complement or visualize brands and products, or parts thereof.

Digital arts

Digital drawings. For no client or profession, these were made for fun. All drawn on an iphone!

Physical arts

Physical arts from way back at willem de kooning school of arts and design, up to drawings made present day.

Beneficial work

The design of promotional material for beneficial purposes. Casual, but always on professional levels.

seen design for the first time


picked up my first pencil


touched a commodore for the first time


made my first drawing


took my first picture


programmed my first game


became acquainted with brushes


bought my first computer


designed my first logo


used the internet for the first time


designed my first website


worked for my first client


started at Willem de Kooning academy of arts


worked on first commercial piece of art


made design my business


graduated Willem de Kooning academy of arts


improving the world by design

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